About Us

Zenith Engineering Pty Ltd commenced business in October 1945 when brothers Tom and Terry Jennings and Jim Carroll formed a partnership. At that time it was their intention to manufacture automotive and hydraulic components during that era of post war reconstruction.

The business they created continues to this day and is presently owned and managed by the sons of the original proprietors. In 1979, the company became involved in the marketing of the very extensive range of Isuzu diesel engines. At that time, General Motors GM Components Division, commenced importing the units and it was considered that Zenith could make a contribution in the area of application engineering.

In addition to this the company, through the period 1945 to 1979, had developed a close association with many industries including pleasure boating, commercial marine, agricultural and mining industries and the addition of the Isuzu range was a natural progression. Isuzu are the largest producer of diesel engines in the world in terms of numbers produced. Zeniths have applied the engines to a wide variety of Industrial and Marine applications for a period of 35 years.

Zenith Engineering Pty Ltd conducts a substantial engineering business and components design facility in the inner Brisbane suburb of Milton.