GP2000 Grout Pump

GP2000 Grout Pump- Designed and built for the mining and tunneling industries


Specifically designed to meet the exacting requirements of mining and tunneling industry, The GP2000 range of rotor/stator pumps provide the ideal solution for all your cementitious grout mixing and pumping needs.


Suitable for use in most grouting applications, the GP2000 grout pumps can be used for all types of cementious grouts. From specifically formulated high flow grouts through to low water cement ratio thixotropic grouts.


The GP2000 is also suitable for use in small volume wet shorcrete applications up to a maximum aggregate size of 4mm.


Designed with a focus on robust performance and easy operation, the GP2000 delivers outstanding results in terms of both quality and productivity. It’s fully continuous grouting with a high degree of quality control while the units high-efficiency 100 Liter capacity paddle mixer allows for simultaneous mixing and pumping.




  • Robust and Compact design
  • Easily operated by one person
  • Inbuilt water meter
  • Low work height
  • Easy Clean up
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easily maneuverable by crane or forklift
  • Australian Made


Suitable for use with

  • Low water-cement ratio grouts
  • Thixotropic grouts
  • High Flow grouts
  • Sand/Cement grouts

Wet Shorcrete mix (Max 4mm aggregate size)


Output: 2,000 litres per hour
Mixing Capacity: 100 litres
Hopper Capacity: 195 litres
Conveying Distances: Vertical: 20-30m
Horozontal: 40-50M


Maximum Pumping Pressure (grout)*: 25 bar

*at pump outlet-grout line pressures will be dependant on

the grout type, viscosity and grout line diameter and lengths.